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In one of the most shocking U.S. elections in modern political history, Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton. "I pledge to every citizen of.
David Remnick on the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency and the On Facebook, articles in the traditional, fact-based press look the.
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Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy, told TIME before the general election. I've noticed two distinct ways social media have changed the way we talk to each other about politics. Early on Election Day, the polls held out cause for concern, but they provided sufficiently promising news for Democrats in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and even Florida that there was every reason to think about celebrating the fulfillment of Seneca Falls, the election of the first woman to the White House. At its core, it's a platform meant to connect users with people they already like, not to foster discussion with those you might disagree with. Donald Trump Completes Final Lap, Electoral College, to White House. It is all a dismal picture.

Joe: 2016 Election Results A 'Complete Earthquake'

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Trump a majority of votes, ending a long-shot bid to block his victory. I am guilty of this. Pop Culture Happy Hour. But there was more.

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Even the candidates do it. Executive Power Run Amok. Practically every president has kept animals in the Executive Mansion.