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primorski-panterji.infoception: Can't determine a Sort Order (asc or desc) in sort spec.
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Overview of the Specialty. With the exception of visual and eye-related disorders (treated by ophthalmologists) and lesions of the brain (treated by neurologists.

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A win-win all the way around, don't you think? You will need to log in with your Medpriv account.

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Join thousands of fellow college students, health professional students and practicing doctors from across the United States and Canada. Hierophant and Lucca like this.. They also have an understanding of the communication sciences, endocrinology and neurology. Open this post in threaded view. Should be trivial to support uppercase ASC and DESC as well, not sure why. Open this post in threaded view. In her particular case, there was a Price field that was being sorted on, but not all nodes had a Price value, and the ones without Price were showing up at the beginning of the list.

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Thanks in advance for any assistance. You can see this more apparently in a specialty like ENT where the match rate can fluctuate widely year to year.