Events programs womens history month celebration

events programs womens history month celebration

Celebrate your library's history as Houston Public Library did in 2004 when its centennial celebration featured programs on the women who.
Women's History Month Celebration Womens History Month 2017 · + Google Event Categories: Borough Hall, Community Calendar.
Home | Academics | Events | Women's History Month Lecture Series The Women's and Gender Studies Program hosts this series each year in March, which is and students are encouraged to give public talks as part of the celebration....

Events programs womens history month celebration -- journey Seoul

Women in media, entertainment, etc. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. It may also be helpful for the participants to have a list of names of women and their contributions so that the participants can narrow down who the woman listed on their back is. Fun on the Job. Hopefully, participants learn a little more about women and their contributions while having a fun time. Lip-sync the music of women.

events programs womens history month celebration

The fishbowl exercise is another one that students find engaging. Image Credit: Palmer, Alfred T. At the same time they introduce the women and post their paper on the wall. Fine Arts and Mass Communication. Our History is Our Strength. This Site Hosted by The Library of Congress. Cover tables with paper and set out markers. Hopefully it will motivate you to create an eye-catching bulletin board and an entertaining program.

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  • Theatre and Musical Theatre.
  • Brooklyn Borough Hall Privacy Policy. Image credit: Encre L. Bring in an outside speaker to talk about how to help a friend if they come to you as a victim of acquaintance rape.
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  • Present five minutes worth of how to loose weight or monitor stress through healthy diet and exercise. In between have the music of empowering women playing in the background. Contributions of women who can sing.

2017 Women's History Month Celebration

Events programs womens history month celebration -- flying Seoul

Senior Advisor to the Borough President. Academic Planning and Assessment. Life, Dean, VP, and ask them to bring you magazines. Make sure you have magazines that represent diversity. There are also many web sites, journals, and books, which could assist you in the development of the list of women. Better yet, ask them to bring Mom along. The participants read about their famous woman, and then form a large circle. To get involved or for more information, please contact Dr.

events programs womens history month celebration