Guide best places connecticut

guide best places connecticut

Small towns are a good bet. Eight of the top 10 best cities for young families in Connecticut have populations of less than residents.
From charming country towns to historic cities, there are many "can't miss" places to see in Connecticut. See the top spots from the Official CT Tourism site.
A home is more than a piece of property. You buy into the community and all it offers. NerdWallet found the best towns in Connecticut for young...

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Even with the slowness at night, the town is bustling on saturday mornings and friday afternoons. There is so much to offer from great dining and shopping, to cultural arts, and a close knit community with an abundance of family friendly activities that are complimentary for living here! I love that I am able to drive down to a local farm and buy fresh fruits and veggies from awesome farmers. I love Easton because moving from Stamford has clearly shown the differences between living in a city and rural area. Reach in and touch a ray, go beak to nose with a penguin, and get up close to a beluga whale. Select the region you'd like to explore:. It's also very safe: I've never heard of anyone having anything stolen or anything particularly crime-related occur. The neighborhood is clean and during the daytime, it is super safe to walk alone.

guide best places connecticut

Best Places To Live In California. What makes Bethel so desirable? On display are helicopters amphibious aircraft, jets, WWII aircraft, and. Weather temperature and air quality. It's also very safe: I've never heard of anyone having anything stolen or anything particularly crime-related occur. The home has the appearance of a medieval fortress from the outside. Overall a very kind, well diversified, beautiful wonderful place with so many interesting residents,to raise a family! Click here featured content signs youre desperate relationship create an account…. The reason that it's nice living here is that I am near enough to grocery guide best places connecticut, mall, movies, etc, but also far enough away that I am not right on top of these 'busier' places. Neighborhoods are generally friendly all around and the community is very active from time to time, participating in parades, fairs, and music festivals. Great Places to Work. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Be prepared to wait in line. But as most Connecticut residents would agree, almost every place here is awesome.