Jira beta atlassian rest issue user resource

jira  beta atlassian rest issue user resource

If not, see the overview in Guide - JIRA Remote Issue Links. In order to use the REST API to manipulate remote links on an issue, you will need to authenticate.
rest issue Note, the "editmeta" resource does not work with PUT operations. You should only use it to get data.
The JIRA REST api allows you to easily create an issue. You can The examples shown here use curl with an input file denoted by the "--data.

Jira beta atlassian rest issue user resource - tour

JIRA's response format is JSON. JIRA REST API Tutorials. Please note that this resource should be called with an issue key when a list of assignable users is retrieved. JIRA REST API Example - Basic Authentication. Tutorial - Creating a custom field type. Note, JIRA itself uses cookie-based authentication in the browser, so you can call REST from Javascript on the page and rely on the authentication that the browser has established. Retrieves CreateIssueMetadata with specified filters.
jira  beta atlassian rest issue user resource

JIRA SOAP to REST Migration Guide. Customising JIRA Excel Output. This takes into account whether the user is licensed on the Application that defines the project type. Database - Custom fields. Velocity Context for Email Templates. Atlassian Connect for Bitbucket. Some resources may trigger long-running or computationally expensive tasks.

Enabling remote API access in JIRA