Music shirley manson interview garbage

music shirley manson interview garbage

Garbage front-woman Shirley Manson talks to us about the band's new album, Little Birds,' Solo Demos & That Night At The Greek: Interview Get reacquainted with one of music's true originals by reading our Q&A below.
Shirley Manson, frontwoman of 90s indie band Garbage, says she is alternate music acts of the led by Indie-queen, Shirley Manson.
When Garbage reunited in 2012 following a seven-year hiatus, the band returned with new outlook on how to make music together..

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You know, my goth girlfriends listened to Garbage and so did my really normal straitlaced friends who only ever listened to pop music on the radio. It's probably because of that. STEREOGUM: I recently spoke to Sam Smith about his sudden success, and he was talking about just how surreal it has all been for him.

music shirley manson interview garbage

I think it's part of the human condition. Commenting as a guest. But behind her feisty image lurked a terrible self-doubt. Mac DeMarco — This Old Dog Perfume Genius — No Shape Harmony Woods — Nothing Realestateandhomes detail prestwick dothan The Afghan Whigs — In Spades Joan Shelley — Joan Shelley. It struck me the last time we were on the road that I've never really written much about love or fragility or vulnerability. Did that come easily to you? I was in Griffith Park walking my dog and she came up and kissed me on my cheek. The next day morning I was over it. Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

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Shirley Manson on the making of new Garbage album ‘Strange Little Birds’

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Can you elaborate on that? Not deliberately, just by default. Album Of The Week.

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I realized just the other day that I never got to even say goodbye to Iain. We could only play the Greek one particular day. I know the band feels very much the same. I am a hot mess! For Garbage's killer twist was to offer miserable gothy lyrics PLUS pervy dominatrix-style mind-fodder for lonely blokes in black t-shirts. Learning how and when to say no is a valuable skill.