Pharmasug coders corner

pharmasug coders corner

SAS® Logic Coding Made Easy – Revisit User-defined Function Songtao Jiang, Boston Scientific Corporation, Marlborough, MA.
Published a Paper in the coder's corner session for PHARMASUG conference The topic for the paper is “Macro to Generate Summary and Descriptive.
Coder's Corner. Paper Looking for a function called LEAD?Couldn't find? Here you go - multiple ways to simulate it. Niraj Pandya, Element Technologies...

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Summarizing to the One-Record-per-Person using PROC SUMMARY: When to Use CLASS and When to Use BY Jenny Yu. Using SAS and DDE to Execute VBA Macros in Excel Christopher A. Summarizing Data with an Inconsistent Text Key? Creating Journal-Style Tables in an Easy Way with PROC TABULATE, PROC TEMPLATE, PROC FORMAT, and ODS RTF Janet M. Run Time Comparison Macro Robert R. Journeyman's Tools: Data Review Macro FREQALL - Using PROC SQL List Processing with primorski-panterji.infos to Eliminate Macro DO Loops Ronald J.

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Loop, UNTIL, or WHILE? Learn the Basics of PROC TRANSPOSE Douglas Zirbel. Using Dynamic Data Exchange DDE to Pass Data to Microsoft Word Documents from within the SAS System Mark Bodt.

pharmasug coders corner

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Creating a Flexible Parameter Driven Reporting Program Using Global Variables Karen Dudley. How to Streamline Your SAS Programs by Shedding Lines and Adding Substance Lisa A. Mission Possible: Putting a Table and Multiple Graphs on a with ODS and Basic GOPTIONS Jennifer S. Handling Large Stream Files with the 'string' Feature Rick Langston.

pharmasug coders corner

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Grange color mine Special Missing Values for Character Fields John F. Creating Efficient SQL - Four Steps to a Quick Query Paul D. Hanging On by a STRING? More Informative Scatter Plots -Adding a Third Dimension with Bubbles Frank Kucera. When it Comes to SQL!!!
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