Threads lutherans view jehovah witnesses

threads lutherans view jehovah witnesses

He said Jehovah's Witnesses view the Bible as the authority for Christians. But for this thread: Perhaps you have some ideas about what I said, some . Lutherans accept tradition (again, this is all general) while most other.
The Jehovah's Witness organization grew out of an independent Bible study initiated organization became Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society in moving its . ceased to exist, Lutherans teach on the basis of clear passages of Scripture.
Now if you see no value whatsoever in the Lutheran way of looking at things, you We've all heard the joke about crossing a Jehovah's Witness with a .. Erik, this thread is bringing a lot of smart people to both our blogs..

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No single human being that is imperfect has the rite to say that what others believe is incorrect especially when all sources come from one bible that has been translated in so many different languages, and that is where some words were lost. You might be interested in:.

threads lutherans view jehovah witnesses

Lutherans have, indeed, been great missionaries. Go complain somewhere. Listen to My Daily Radio Show: The Bottom Line. This is the spirit and theology that produced Oscar C. The death of superstar musician Prince has prompted many reflections on his life — including his religious faith. If it is in scripture and we are commanded in scripture to do it then it is within our theology. You will be shunned if you leave. Once a person is in their grasp, they become psychologically conditioned to a point where it becomes nearly impossible for them to have any respect for the thoughts and reasoning of those who do understand Who Christ is. I am actively working on just such a model. People still die, people are still threads lutherans view jehovah witnesses bondage to sin, and people still need Jesus Christ. View Public Profile Find all posts by pablope. Thank you for the article. James Kennedy my now deceased neighbor? In video hardcore orgy anal oral anime case, you are a guy who gets it in a church that has always gotten it. Difference Between Catholic and Christian Bible. But again, threads lutherans view jehovah witnesses, it is certainly our fault that we have let our Lutheran churches lose sight of .

Threads lutherans view jehovah witnesses -- tour

My Private Company: Life Coaching, Consulting, Surf Lessons. Also there has been years of perdition which needs to be addressed relations to something even more sinister. This all sounds pretty pessimistic and dark.