Video employee test

video employee test

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If anyone ever applies for a job at Family Video, be prepared to take a goddamn mini-SAT in of a word on something as basic as a video store assessment test, it doesn't belong on said test. . I am a former FV employee.
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I applied there and that's what they told me the test was for. In this video, CEO Josh Millet discusses the pros and cons of remote versus onsite testing, and describes the factors that have led to the trend towards using tests early in the hiring process. Share your thoughts with the world. After the aptitude test, I got interviewed by the district manager. It's a bot, after all. I seriously find it offensive that the only people they will hire are people who are good test takers in a timed and distractible atmosphere. Lastly, you have an interview with regional manager.

video employee test

How To Pass Personality Test. Pre-Employment Personality Test Questions Example

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The manager asked about my mentors, what activities interest me outside of work, and asked about my greatest achievements. Here is where can ask what it is all about! Lastly, i met with the district manager for the final interview. Much like a regular online job interview but distinct from employee background checks, the integrity interview consists of a question-and-answer session. It will have super easy and super hard math questions, ANSWER WHAT YOU KNOW FIRST! Enter your email to get updates on this discussion.

video employee test